Below is a listing of clutches sired by S'ai's bronze Zeruth and information about the dragons hatched from them. They are listed in order of hatching. If you are interested in adopting an NPC, mail myself, the player of the Gold, and the Weyrleaders where the rider pair is located. They must be eligible to be applied for as an InstaRider (per game rules) and will be required to stay at Ierne for 90 days upon character creation and approval.

Color Breakdown
Gold Bronze Brown Blue Green
PC 0 2 0 1 0
NPC 0 3 6 4 8
TOTAL 0 5 6 5 8

By Kairokyriath, PC Clutch (Animation)

Weyr: Xanadu
OOC Date: Sep 26 2014
IC Date: unknown (Zeruth age approx just over 2)

Egg Name Hatch Name Color Name Rider Type
Infinite Possibilities Egg Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Saburath E'tan (Eltanin) PC
Nothing To See Here Egg Why Bother With You Blue Iarith J'oar NPC
Harmony 101 Egg unlisted Blue Spiketh unnamed female NPC
Someone's Been At Me Egg Putting It All Together Blue Wensith Ka'ro (Kaitro) PC
Wrecked Egg Changing Defeat to Victory Bronze Zimraith G'ir (Giroux) PC
Dem Bones Egg unlisted Green Keleth Addriene NPC
Cimarron Alma Egg unlisted Brown Cimaanth Xha'il (Xhaeil) NPC
Kiss Of Red Egg unlisted Brown Paeth Meghan NPC
Side By Side Egg unlisted Green Sukith Mei NPC
Let's Split Up Egg unlisted Brown Zoinkith Nor'vil NPC
Secreto de Oro Egg unlisted Green Secrath Kaylai NPC
Just Beneath the Surface Egg unlisted Green Urslath Sarah NPC

By Zuvaleyuth, NPC Clutch (Dragon Age series)

Weyr: Fort
OOC Date: Dec 14 2014
IC Date: Day 13 of month 9 in turn 2703. (Zeruth age 3:00:22)
Log: none, off-camera

Egg Name Hatch Name Color Name Rider Type
Forbidden Wilderness Egg Soul Of An Old God Green Urthemrieth Morrgan NPC
Warpaint Egg Loyal To The End Brown Fereldreth Mabri NPC
Big Stone Egg Drunkard With An Axe Brown Orzarrath O'gen NPC
Little Wolf Egg Bound In White Chains Blue Teventreth F'en NPC
Battlefields of Fire Egg Swooping Is Bad Bronze Duncannath A'tair NPC
White Hart Egg Shards Of Glass Green Eluvianth Merrilyn NPC
Black As A Crow Egg Assassin Of The Heart Blue Antivath Z'ran NPC
Golden Arrow Egg All Part Of The Story Bronze Birancath V'rric NPC
Secrets Of Magic Egg Wizened Old Healer Green Cirlacath Wyenne NPC
Masquerade Ball Egg Ballad Of The Ages Green Orliansath Leilia NPC
Winged Vermin Egg Does It Find This Amusing Brown Cadath Shayle NPC
Caged Giant Egg First Of The Vanguard Bronze Qunruth S'en NPC