Please Read the Updates at the bottom of the page! These will be edited/expanded upon as we receive feedback!

In light of the ongoing TP concerning Roc Wing’s ineptitude leading to the fallout with the Holds and trades only tentatively restarting, there will be upcoming rumors that the Weyrleader, along with the rest of his staff, are considering shuffling the wings. Only what most don’t realize is that Th’ero is looking to do it very thoroughly … as in tearing down the existing structure and rebuilding anew. It’s perhaps his boldest move yet concerning Weyr infrastructure and time will only tell if it’ll work or even be accepted!

What we’re asking for are OOC votes and input on this wing restructure idea, because it would impact everyone. All Fort players are asked to read this and chime in (via @mail to Nyalle and Th’ero) with your suggestions and agreement (or disagreement!) to the changes we are considering. This will be a majority decision of everyone who submits their vote and input.

What we’re looking to do is essentially merge the wings. Logically, this makes sense in regards to the smaller player base and it would alleviate some of the stress in trying to fill four PC Wings.

If we were to move ahead with the merger, we’d be seeing the following:

Phoenix Wing

  • Phoenix would remain largely untouched, though there would be emphasis that riders of all colors can request to be tapped within it. The Weyrleader is ‘Wingleader’, with the Weyrsecond as his ‘Wingsecond’, though any other rider may also hold rank of ‘Wingsecond’ as well (hence the joking of ‘Weyrthird’).
  • The Queen’s Wing is a sub-let of Phoenix, with the Weyrwoman as ‘Wingleader’ and her juniors as seconds.

Thunderbird Wing

  • Thunderbird would remain it’s own wing but in entity it is two wings combined: Search and Rescue and Policing.
  • This would mean that there will be two Wingleaders and two Wingseconds for Thunderbird. One to lead the S&R division and one to lead the policing division.
  • The policing division would work closely with the Guards and most of the Wingriders (and possible leaders) would be former Guards themselves (though that would not be required).
  • The S&R division would accept any Wingrider showing necessary skills and aptitude to handle the strict and intensive training, as it has in the past.
  • Both Wingleaders would work as a team but still answer as a unit to the Weyrleader.

Roc and Simurgh Wing

  • Roc and Simurgh Wing would merge into one wing.
  • Like Thunderbird, Roc would be lead by two Wingleaders and two Wingseconds
  • One Wingleader would oversee the trades, deliveries and transport aspect while the other would oversee the Craft side. Wingriders would either specialize in transport or their Craft (or cross between the two).

In the end, if we made this change, there would be four PC Wings total:

  • Phoenix (Administrative, Diplomacy)
  • Thunderbird (S&R and Police)
  • Roc (Transport and Craft)
  • Coatyl (Weyrling)

These wings will consist of both PC and NPC riders. We would edit the NPC pages and add all of our NPC riders to the three wings.

Wingleader and Wingsecond positions will be available for any active PC rider, no matter which color they ride. Any interested players need only to @mail Staff with their interest. If no PC player is available, NPCs will fill those positions for RP purposes. Players are welcomed and encouraged to create their own NPCs if needed and even create little NPC profiles of any rider in the wings.

So what we’re looking for from our player base is this:

  • Would you be interested in such an overhaul of the wings ICly and OOCly?
  • Do you have any suggestions you’d like to add? Any ideas? Changes to the wing names you’d like to see?
  • Are there any questions or concerns you may have?

Let us know ASAP by @mailing Nyalle and Th’ero!

Thank you!


  • 24/10/13 — There has been suggestions of an alternative of having the Wings remain with one Wingleader but two Wingseconds. This method could also work if everyone is in agreement with it.

We'd also like to elaborate that while the Wings are merging, it's more on an administrative level between the Wingseconds and Wingleaders. ICly Th'ero is looking for a way to keep the Wi2's and WiL's from becoming overwhelmed and have a repeat of what happened to Roc Wing. This does not mean that Wingriders will be forced to choose "sides" in their respective Wings!

i.e. — A Thunderbird Wingrider can be both S&R and Policing as often both skills are necessary. However — any Wingrider is welcomed to state a preference to which, IF they so choose to, such as riders with past as Guards who would prefer to remain as such as closely as their rank as a dragonrider would allow.