With PW being a bit unstable at the moment, what are our options if/when the game goes down?

There are a couple of options:

#1 - Too Logrus - too.logrus.com / 6660
This is a crash pad where people can hang out when PW goes down. We even have a Fort room (#1260) if folks want to hang out with other Fortians, or to continue a RP scene.

#2 - Google Docs
Google Docs are a fantastic way to RP off the game. All you need is a free gmail account! From your documents, create a new doc, 'share' it with the folks you want to RP with, and you can type to each other in real time.

Fort OOC Chatter Doc - No google account required for this one.

#3 - Email
When in doubt, don't hesitate to email folks. We've encouraged people who are comfortable with it to add an email account to their character's wiki page, so folks can find each other in the event of a longer outage.

Let's hope PW stabilizes, but just in case it remains rocky, these are the ways we can stay in communication even without the game.

In case you need to reach Fort Staff with pressing concerns, questions or issues, here are our off-game contacts:

Email: moc.liamtoh|nitram_yveb#moc.liamtoh|nitram_yveb (general inquiries); moc.liamg|rulbodsdrow#moc.liamg|rulbodsdrow (GDoc address)
AIM: Zeralia 18

Email: moc.liamg|nadess#moc.liamg|nadess

Email: moc.liamg|htlevezuok#moc.liamg|htlevezuok