She was bound by duty, honor, and her lifemate. She struggled to breathe.

Every so often, she would panic and it became more frequent when she saw her lifemate in the morning and once again before bed. Her dreams were plagued with faces of those in the Weyr, she may not have known all their names but their faces haunted her. They spoke of responsibility, something she was not opposed to but they spoke as if she had failed them before she had even begun. This is what she feared; this is what she never wanted. She only made sure to take on what she could endure what she knew she could succeed at. It was a sad existence, perhaps.

« You doth ponder upon what which has not transgressed, yet, far too often letting black clouds fill thy mind with emotions of grief and worry. Fret not, dearest of mine heart for thou are instituted within these walls of knowledge meant to progress your own mind to expand past thy capabilities from a time which this one was not present. »

She startled awake and found Zuvaleyuth staring at her with eyes whirling with concern. She was gorgeous, her lifemate, but, she was gold. She had offered comfort (she hoped, she still didn’t quite understand the meaning behind half of what she said). She smiled, regardless, though stress still showed in the lines of her smile. She felt she would lose herself entirely to this dragon, that she would no longer be able to be herself. No longer able to hunt, have fun, anything that made her who she was s she did not reach out to touch her.

She was so afraid but she didn’t want it to show.

“Zuvaleyuth…” Did you make a mistake picking me? Are you sure you are meant for me? Though, she knew those questions already as her heart ached at the thought of losing her. It was her lack of confidence for what was to come that made her worry most. She felt her breath struggle again and there was a soothing croon given and a gentle whisper of words she didn’t quite understand, nor did she care to as the gold settled her head upon her lap and her hand settled upon one eyeridge and gently rubbed, soothing herself and her lifemate.

“I love you.” It was a soft whisper, a rare moment of unhidden affection and they basked in the feelings