Fort Weyr ~ 2691, Age 18 Turns ~ The first night of Impression, together.

From the Sands she had walked, she barely remember leaving as it all began to blur and nothing had made sense anymore as she tried to piece everything together. She had fallen from her cot before they went out onto the Sands, maybe she had given herself a concussion from the fall and she had simply dreamt it all. Maybe she was in the infirmary with a heavy concussion, but that hadn't seemed as likely as she didn't hit her head, she remembered that much. She remembered putting on her sandals, looking to Chyhi and grinning at her sister and she remembered looking at the other candidates as they all prepared before they made their way out onto the sands. After that, they bowed respectfully, as was required, to Zuhth and Velokraeth. She tried to stand away from the others as there was a lesser chance of them getting straight up mauled, for one, yet she found herself with not only her sister but a rather large grouping of people.

Then, the gold Hatched. First. That didn't happen! Or, there was nothing saying that golds tended to Hatch first, no one had mentioned it before. She wondered if it would mean that the Weyr was to have good luck, or if it would mean bad luck for them in the coming Turn. She remembered teasing Chyhi about betting, she remembered that suddenly she was freezing and that she was so overwhelmed. The feelings were unlike anything she had ever felt, she didn't even realize that she had been standing on the Sands anymore and that voice spoke one that nagged even now. Zuvaleyuth. That is what it meant to Impress, to feel feelings so intense and to feel herself become part of this dragon that came to stand before her. She felt the change, she felt every little thing that her lifemate did to her mind before she was drawn back to where she was standing and she was left to reflect upon the words spoken. She hardly understood a word, but she knew that there was a name and her own that was suddenly changed. And the color of her lifemate's hide was gold. Gold.

She hardly remembered what happened next, how they got from the sands and how she even managed to give her lifemate a proper meal. She didn't remember any of it and things slowly began to fall into place in her mind, the fact that there was only one person to blame for her situation: The person who Searched her. Th'ero. It wasn't rational, she knew, but she was so lost in everything she was feeling and so lost in what she would do that she followed the first thought without a second look, and Zuvaleyuth was sleeping so she had no say in the actions that she took. She went and yelled at him, only to be reminded that her lifemate was going to bring forth that major change in her life.

Weyrwoman. She was going to be a weyrwoman, she had no choice but to shoulder the responsibilities that the Weyr needed to survive. She would have the weight of the Weyr on her shoulders and this time, it wasn't something she had chosen to do. And hunting for the Weyr was much different than the actual running of one. At least she wouldn't be Senior, there was that, at least. But, the fact remained was that she had no choice at all as to what her future would hold and the very thought of it scared her. Her breath seemed to stop in her chest as her throat constricted with what could be considered a panic attack. Tears welled in grey eyes and suddenly there was a wave of calm and all was well as she felt Zuvaleyuth stir, not just in her mind but physically as well.

Her golden head came to rest upon her lap and she stared down in awe at the creature that she was bonded to, that she would spend forever with and the emotions that plagued her on the Sands once again came forth and she understood what it meant to find your lifemate. Tears came without restraint and she leaned down to rest her head against the head of her lifemate, arms draped across her in a makeshift hug. “Zuva…” A term of endearment, even if it bristled the young gold into a silent reprimand that drew forth a tearful laugh as she wept with great joy and sorrow as it all continued to register and she continued to reach clarity. Though it was likely that this clarity would only be temporary with the flood of emotions and it was likely in the morning that she would again fret, but for now, she would bond silently with her lifemate and simply understand all that she is.

Word Count: 812