Fort Weyr ~ 2678, Age 5 Turns ~ About three Turns after Deitra and Chyhi were given to foster parents.

“We love you, Deitra. We just can't be your mommy and daddy.”

She wasn't stupid, she completely registered those words that day and she knew what it meant because they never came back like they did. One day led to another, and another which slowly led into a sevenday. They weren't coming back for them, they had faded into the background of the Weyr and blended into the many other faces. Days turned to sevendays and those sevendays became months and then Turns. Chyhi was her only family, despite what the nannies insisted.

“Your parents love you. And you have one big family, the whole Weyr!”


Grey eyes stared at her sister, idly she lifted one finger to poke at one of the chubby cheeks that her sister had and she grinned when the little girl scrunched up her face but quietly returned to sleep. “I love you, Chy.”

Her little baby sister likely wouldn't care about their loss of parents, she probably didn't know better. She was just a baby, though she was two now.

Grey eyes lifted again, turned away from her sister and her thoughts as she considered where her foster parents were. The movement indicated that they were still up, quietly discussing something or another. Rather than sitting by and ignoring them, she tucked Chyhi in and moved quietly to the doorway where she sat down to listen.

Little feet were drawn in, legs crossed carefully as her hands clutched tightly to the balls of her feet and her head came to rest against the wall to simply listen to the voices of her foster parents. Words drifted to her ears, head tilting just so and straining to pick up the entirety of their words but only fragments filtered through. “Pregnant”, “baby”, “Deitra”, “Chyhi”.

Of course they would have more children, they had a few boys of their own already. Her bottom lip quivered and fingers dug into the skin of her feet a little more, leaving crescent-shaped marks of her fingernails upon the skin as her thoughts began to wander.

Where will we go?

That thought alone echoed through her head, her bottom lip quivered and she was unable to prevent the tears from falling. She kept silent, afraid to draw attention to herself and to the fact that she was not asleep. The fact that she was listening to their conversation would likely make things worse.

There was nowhere for her to turn, no one for her to bury her face in and to weep upon. These thoughts played along the ever prominent cry from before, strengthening her resolved to dig her teeth into her bottom lip and to hold in the sobs that wanted to escape. She would have to be strong for Chyhi, to show that she would be there for her as everyone else would leave and get rid of them.

With a sniffle, tiny hands lifted to press their palms into her eyes to hold back the tears before brushing them all away. Another sniffle and a hand lifted to brush at her nose, the moisture there unable to be helped.

Perhaps it was these that drew the attention of her foster parents as she was no longer alone soon enough.

She no longer remembered the words that were spoken, only that they were soft, sweet, and enough for her to wrap her arms around her foster father's neck before she broke down into more tears and released all her inner thoughts.

“I don't want to go.”

Word Count: 596