Main Tasks Of The Week:

Tasks Carried On From Previous Weeks:

Mounted Exercises

Mount Ups and Downs - At this stage in the game, the dragons should be in shape enough to support the weight of their rider. Mount Ups and Downs are a series of exercises targeting the method of climbing and dismounting from the back of a dragon. Each weyrling rider is expected to do forty repetitions of ups and downs each day until they can successfully mount up at a specific time, which standards are currently set at fifty six seconds to do a repetition of a mount up and a mount down. This is to ensure that if there were any emergency situations; riders are capable of mounting safely and promptly.

Mount and Ride - After daily repetitions of Mount Ups and Downs, a weyrling rider is encouraged to stay mounted and allow their life mate to walk around the bowl/Weyr. However, the weyrling rider must be alert to straining their dragon, no matter how big or how small the dragon is - strain can still occur around the neck and shoulders. Weyrling riders are told to keep this drill minimal until their dragon builds the stamina in his or her neck to support the weight.

Formation Study

Traditional Formations - Weyrling riders are required to learn and study formations, regardless that they are considered traditional due to the lack of Thread. The majority of the study consists of book work. There will not be practical study of all the formations. Only the basic formations such as the V-wing, the left/right align, and the horizontal wing will be covered in an applied drill later on in weyrlinghood. This is due to the impractical use of fight formations in modern day Pern. Transportation, search and rescue, escort, and patrol wings may use formations of their own design to specifically target their job outline.

Physical Strength Training

Walking - Weyrlings riders should encourage their dragons to walk with them aboard. Look above in mounted exercises for more information. Otherwise, weyrling riders should continue to ensure their lifemate gets the proper exercise daily.

Wing Flares - It is now more vital than ever before to make sure a dragon is doing their wing flares and flaps. In the following sevendays, a dragon will be required to fly. It is therefore encouraged that the rider, while mounted, now gets their dragon to flap and flare their wings.

Stretching - Both rider and dragon need to stretch. Weyrling riders have to make sure at the beginning and end of the day, that they are doing stretches. The physical requirements of the upcoming sevendays will test the body, so it is required that each rider stretches.

Jogging/Running - If there is time during the day, weyrling riders are encouraged to go running or jogging together in groups. Also, this exercise prepares the lungs for the months ahead.

Arm Strength Training - The traditional way to strengthen one's arms is firestone sacking, which is, filling a bag full of firestone. In the case that Weyrs now treat firestone as rare, due to the lack of thread, rocks can be used in the stead of firestone. Other techniques of arm strength training is encouraged. Heavy objects can be used as dumb-bells. One's dragon can now be used to practice pull ups and chin-ups.

Dragon Care

Feeding - Weyrling riders will continue to cut meat, though larger pieces do make it easier. They are expected to clean up after themsevles as per usual and ensure their dragon is not eating too much or too little.

Oiling - Weyrling riders must keep up with oiling.

Defecation - Weyrling riders continue to clean up after their dragon, no matter where the dragon is at the time of defecation.

Sleeping - Most dragons by this stage have become accustomed to sleeping patterns and the weyrling rider may or may not sleep when their dragon does. Weyrling riders have to ensure they get enough sleep to focus on the tasks ahead of them.

Strap Making

Maintenance - General maintenance is required of all equipment. Straps will have to be re-made constantly depending on the growth rate of one's dragon. Straps will also be checked for safety before and after mounted drills.

History and Current Events

Stay Involved - Weyrling riders are expected to stay involved in current news, while studying or learning about history. It is a task that is to fill one's spare time though current news and or events will be important to the daily life of any dragonrider and therefore the weyrling riders will be tested.

What You'd Know This Week

This is a brief recap of anything that would have become common knowledge amongst your fellow weyrlings this week. Include anything from habits to doing poorly in classes, any injuries or incidents, either rider or dragon related. If you're not comfortable filling out the table, feel free to ask for help!

Weyrling Dragon WYKTW
Aignes Czarduinath
C'los Kaseimarlyeth
F'inn Nymionth
K'zre Yasminath
Kaetryn Szvorkilyth

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