Main Tasks Of The Week:

Current Wing Information

Weyrling riders will be introduced if they don't know already, to the various break downs of Wings in Fort. A representative from each wing will be coming in to give a detailed lecture on what each wing expects from their riders. They will also be trying to recruit for their wing, doing their best to make their wing sound interesting to the weyrling riders about to graduate. Typically after all the sessions with the wing representatives, weyrlings will be placing their requests to join a wing into the Weyrlingmaster and he will visit each wingleader to deliver the requests. From there, the wingleader will decide if he/she wants the weyrling to join the wing. Typically it's approved, but sometimes a wingleader knows who the bad apple is and wants nothing to do with him/her. In a few days, weyrling riders will notice their numbers dwindling as weyrling riders become tapped by a wingmember of the approving wing.

General Wing Information - For general wing duty explanation and break downs, click the following link: Fort's Wing Information

Rider Shadowing

Shadowing A Wingrider - It is encouraged after the lectures of the wing representatives that a weyrling rider spend some time shadowing a wingrider from a wing before handing in their request to join. Experiencing what the Wing is like before hand will save everyone from headaches that come with personality clashes, and a wingrider has the best working knowledge of a Wing and can often spare time to allow a weyrling rider to shadow him or her.

Final Competence Test

WeyrlingMaster's Approval - After all that the weyrling riders have come through, they can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most if not all of the weyrling riders that reach this point are anxious to carry on with their lives and shake off the mantle of being a weyrling rider. Yet, there is one last task they must complete before the Weyrlingmaster will carry their Wing requests to the wingleaders. It's a test of everything that the weyrling rider has learned from day one until this point. Though it's not so complicated that the weyrling rider has to physically demonstrate, since the Weyrlingmaster has seen all that. It's more of a private one-on-one debriefing in which the Weyrlingmaster sits down and goes through everything the weyrling rider has experienced since he/she impressed, as well as offering insight and critics and encouragement to the weyrling rider. It's at the discretion of the Weyrlingmaster whether or not he gives his approval and blessings to the weyrling rider. It's been a rare case that a weyrling rider is held back at this point, since most if not all are ready for the adventures of being dragon riders.


Party Time - Since there are many weyrling classes coming and going, there can't be an official party for every one that graduates. However, if there is a big enough group that is ready to leave the barracks, it's likely there will be some sort of party held for them by the weyrlingmaster staff. Even if there is not, the weyrlingmaster and or staff is likely to drag the graduated weyrlings out for a good old night out on the town. It's as simple as that. The weyrling riders have now survived weyrlinghood.

What You'd Know This Week

This is a brief recap of anything that would have become common knowledge amongst your fellow weyrlings this week. Include anything from habits to doing poorly in classes, any injuries or incidents, either rider or dragon related. If you're not comfortable filling out the table, feel free to ask for help!

Congratulations! You've made it through! Clear Skies Rider!

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Credit for writing Weyrlinghood sections: N'kor/Kessa