The following is a breakdown of the week-by-week (relatively fuzzy-timed) weyrlinghood at Fort Weyr as done in its traditional timeline.

As a weyrling, you should know what your character and dragon would be doing each week, and this is the primary place to find this information. While you'll get weekly mails, they will largely be links to these files and recaps of the same basic material. On-camera lessons are not required or often done due to general malaise and disinterest — weyrlinghood should be focused on character development, so the lesson learning is all kept in these files.

Have fun and good luck with your training!

Training Reference Material
Week One - Dragon Care
Week Two - Straps
Week Three - Mounted Exercises
Week Four - Unmanned Flight
Week Five - Manned Flight
Week Six - Betweening
Week Seven - Flaming
Week Eight - Wing Assignments and Graduation