Interested in becoming a dragonrider at Fort Weyr? We hope you are! The following information is for reference and is updated very search cycle.

Common Questions & Answers

Who are the clutch dam and sire?
Inri's Kouzevelth and Th'ero's Velokraeth.

How many candidates can Impress?
As per PernWorld rules, only a maximum of 6 PC candidates can Impress. This is outside our control, and we often wish we could Impress everyone!

Will there be a gold egg?
Fort is not currently interested in adding another goldrider to our ranks; we feel as if we are at a comfortable number of golds at present and are much more interested in Impressing active chromatic and bronzeriders. There's much more versatility to those other colors, too, and you can make a bigger impact on the Weyr and RP in a lot of ways not riding a shiny egg-producer.

(Gold Only applicants will be asked to change to stand only or will not be Searched unless they have previously been Searched by another area — at which point they will be considered stand only applicants.)

Will everyone that applies for Search become candidates?
Not necessarily, but we try our best to search everyone who is eligible! Some circumstances — mostly OOC behavior or lack of connecting during the IC Search window — may result in someone not being Searched. You're welcome to discuss this with Fort's Staff. If you have been Searched before, you will automatically be Searched again (unless you are not online during the IC Search window).

If your character refuses Search ICly, we are not still going to consider you for a dragon, so consider your IC responses before applying! You must be considered a candidate ICly to Impress.

Who is not considered eligible?
By PernWorld's game rules, Fort will not be Impressing people who:

  • are married
  • are physically or mentally disabled past the capacity of being able to safely ride a dragon (this is somewhat up to staff and Co's discretion, but use your judgment when applying or feel free to ask first)
  • are afraid of dragons

Do I have to RP with SearchCo to Impress?
Nope! You can add logs to our wiki site at any time. Of course, SearchCo does like to get to know the candidates, but we'll provide activities that ensure some time with SearchCo members. Many of us also read every log that is posted to the wiki, or as many of them as we can keep up on.

You do, however, have to RP to Impress. :)

When is Fort's next Search?

Our next OOC search opens May 4th, 2019!

Who is SearchCo?

Your Leads are Inri and Th'ero, and the rest of Co are the amazing volunteers of F'inn, K'zre, Aignes and D'had!

How do you apply?

If you want to be considered for search at Fort, you will need to register your interest in being searched by going to the application room. In any room on the game type: search me. It’ll take you to the application room which is a global room for all the Weyrs currently on PernWorld. After registering your interest for Fort, you’ll have to wait until Fort Weyr goes on search. You may register for Fort and state color preferences at any time.

When Fort goes on search, there will be announcements indicating that the application room is open. You’ll have to return to the room and fill out the questions on the application. Once you’ve completed the application you’ll have to wait for another announcement saying OOC search is closed.

What is Search ICly?

The term Search hails from the canonical reference of dragon riders leaving the Weyr to go locate young and suitable members of society to put in front of the eggs when they are ready to hatch. After a gold dragon has clutched her eggs on the sand, dragons and their riders will have a desire to keep an eye out during their daily routines for those who have qualities becoming of a rider. Dragonriders will seek to ensure that the dragonets, when hatching, have a choice for impression. The only way to do this is to round up enough potentials to become candidates for the Weyr. Generally, the gold herself does not do this and relies on the other members of the Weyr.

Once a person has been "searched" out by a Weyr, it has been noted that they have a "potential" to impress a dragon. By PW rules, they will therefore be invited to stand at any Weyr that chooses to welcome them should they not impress the first time (though OOCly an application will still be required).

Generally the specific nature of what makes a person acceptable to be Searched is unknown.

Traditionally no physically or mentally handicapped individuals will stand, no married or engaged persons will stand, people that are afraid of dragons aren't generally asked to stand (and if they are Inri will kick them out), and those who are too young or too old will not be searched.