This is just a sample of what is available on game. Players interested in signing up for Fort's Search can type search me while logged in and will be automatically @tel'ed into the search application room. The same applies to registering for any Weyr on PernWorld.

Note: You can register for any Weyr, Fort Weyr included, at any time to be added onto the Candidates knot. However the application is not available until the official OOC Search date for the area in Search. Please check +help search schedule to see when Fort's next OOC Cycle begins or the next area of interest. If you have any questions, please @mail or page Fort Staff!

Game Wide Questions

1. List the colors you wish to Impress, or if you are Stand Only please note that here. You will have a chance closer to hatching to refine your preferences if you change your mind after being Searched.

2. Please describe your level of familiarity in playing on this type of game, and with the Pern theme.

3. Please list any Alts that you wish SearchCo to know about.

4. What is your character's sexual preference? Valid answers are Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. Please note: metallic dragons will not Impress to homosexual characters.

Fort Weyr Questions

5. What timezone are you located in and what are your general online times?

6. Why have you picked these colors?

7. What about Fort draws you to the area?

8. Please tell us something about your character (besides what's in their +info).

9. How would you describe your character in three words?

10. What would you like to see for your Candidacy?

11. Are there any scenes, TPs, or events, on this game or another, that you have been involved in that you are particularly fond of? How come?

12. Does your character have secrets that are not revealed in their +info, on their wiki page or elsewhere in this application? Please let us know these details so we can take them into consideration when crafting. We won't tell!

13. Is there anything else you'd like to add?