IC Rules

  1. Candidates are expected to keep their areas and persons tidy at all times.
  2. While you're a Candidate, you should behave in a manner which speaks well of the Weyr. That means no fighting, no public nudity, and no shirking chores.
  3. No sex or heavy drinking.
  4. You must be cleared by a Healer before standing if you are ill or have been injured.
  5. Candidates may not leave the Weyr without a dragonrider escort who is capable of bringing them back if the eggs are to hatch. (OOCly, you may use an NPC.)
  6. Candidates receive one restday per sevenday. The other days, they are expected to do chores in the morning and afternoon, and have their evenings free; exception to this are those few Candidates taken on Excursions. You leave generally in the morning and return by curfew. Those who do not have a basic education may be required to attend evening tutoring.
  7. Candidates with a Craft background will be allowed to attend Craft classes to continue on with their apprenticeship — or, in the case of a Journeyman, will be expected to host a class for fellow candidates or contribute in some other fashion to Fort Weyr.

OOC Rules

  1. You must consent to reasonable punishments for violation of the IC rules, up to and including being removed from Candidacy. Fort Weyr is rated PG-13 to R depending on the ratings of players in the scene. R-rated scenes are not permitted in public rooms. Ensure the rating of your partners when engaging in scenes and warn incoming players of the extent of the scene; please also put warnings at the top of your log.
  2. If you wish for your character to be sick or injured at the time of the Hatching, you need to speak with the SearchLeads, usually the WW/WL, beforehand. Anything which might render your character unable to tolerate the extended heat of the Hatching Sands or the exertion of caring for a young dragon may mean you are asked to wait for the next clutch. Characters may not be pregnant; due to the restriction on sex during candidacy, the only plausible pregnancy would be one pre-Search, which would be visible by the time of the Hatching.
  3. Sex is not permitted ICly, and therefore we request that you do not engage in any scenes that contain TS or fade-to-black. While you are allowed to RP in private rooms with others and won't be penalized for that, anyone who is involved in sexual activity during Candidacy will be removed OOCly as a contender for the Hatching as well.
  4. Any pranks must be approved by SearchCo before you do them. Try to keep them mild, or you could find yourself ICly expelled! We aren't kidding about this: it's happened. :)
  5. Lastly and most importantly, any conflicts should be taken to SearchCo as soon as possible. If you have concerns about another Candidate, let us know, rather than talking about the person behind their back. Any harassment should be reported to Area Staff as soon as possible.