In Turn 2696, Fort Weyr’s Leadership decided to do challenge some of the traditions surrounding Candidates and their restrictions to chores bound to the Weyr. With the timeframe generally known from when the clutch is laid as to when it’ll hatch, it was decided that all Candidates would be granted permission to go on out-of Weyr excursions during a specific window of time while the eggs hardened. When it came closer to the expected Hatching date, Candidates would once again be placed on the more traditional Weyr-bound chores.

So with one of Zuvaleyuth and Velokraeth’s clutches, they experimented with it and the results were incredibly promising. The excursions went off without a hitch and the Candidates were exposed to a rich variety of hands-on learning experiences. Those who were left Standing now had a broader range of understanding as to what was still available to them and for the Crafters and Holders, it meant a chance at possibly gaining one or two more for their fold.

Given the success, Fort Weyr’s Leadership decided to make the excursions part of Candidacy from that Turn on. While still met with some disapproval, they continue on until this day…

How the Excursions Work

Excursions replace the usual day-to-day chores that most Candidates were expected to do. They still exist, but are now left until the last few weeks leading up to the Hatching. Candidates instead will have their names rotated along with others in small groups and matched with a corresponding Craft, Hall or Hold. Even Landing and the Yokohama are included in this list, though they fall under ‘Historial’ more than an actual skill-set to learn.

Sometimes the location is within Fort Weyr or the Fort region, depending if a posted Crafter is available or not. For that reason, excursions are often Chaperoned by a minimum of two dragonriders, possibly more depending on the size of the group. Candidates are still expected to behave appropriately and with respect, as they are representing Fort Weyr AND themselves as possible future dragonriders. Any Candidate caught breaking rules, wandering off or otherwise causing mischief may face punishment from being omitted from the Excursions or even evicted from Candidacy.

Each day brings a new Craft or Skill to visit or attend. Most are lecture based, sometimes with hands on activities or tours if applicable. It is up to each individual Candidate whether or not they wish to take notes and those who have had history or a position in that Craft of Skill prior to being Searched are highly encouraged to run their own demonstrations with their fellow Candidates (under supervision of course).

Most Excursions will start at the beginning of the day, sometimes as early as dawn and either run until the lunch hour and switch out with another group or they are all-day affairs. Curfew is in effect during Candidacy and no out of Weyr visit will go on too late into the evening hours.

Any Candidate who pulls a ‘Free Day’ will find the title to be… rather misleading. What it means is that they are expected to stay behind in Fort Weyr BUT are required to do at least two chores — one in the morning and one after the lunch hour before they are given permission to go as they please.

OOC Details and Rules

Since it’s pretty straight forwards ICly on how the Excursions are ran, there is only a few notes to cover OOCly, including a few rules:
  • None of these excursions are truly planned and are meant more to be fly-by events run when folks are available OR as spontaneous RP hooks. Does this mean you need a PC rider with you? Not really. While preferable, you guys ARE welcomed to use NPC’s and encouraged to do so! Don’t wait on us, unless you’re specifically wishing too. Talk amongst yourselves to and see if folks are all wanting to go to one place or RP something out!
  • Remember that ICA=ICC! Candidates that are out and about are expected to wander a bit. There will be breaks between demonstrations, etc. Just make sure that if they do go looking for trouble it doesn’t wind up too serious or with dire consequences!
  • Candidates CAN turn down their offer to go to one particular excursion or lecture, so long as it is exchanged with another Candidate! i.e: Someone given Weavercraft Hall exchanges with a fellow Candidate to remain in Fort for their slot with the Guard lectures.
  • You are welcome to physically @tel to the Crafthalls and Landing if rooms exist! Part of the fun in exploring and giving some long empty rooms some love! ;)
  • You do NOT have to RP every aspect of this event. It’s made so that it can be tweaked and played as you are comfortable with. You do not have to RP out lecture scenes on camera if you do not feel comfortable, those can be left to FTB.
  • If in doubt, don’t hesitate to page or @mail!
  • Now, as for the list of Crafts to choose from, simply use +help Crafts as a guide! They give the locations of each Hall. For those WITHOUT a central Hall, it is assumed that they will be held within Fort Weyr or Hold, by posted Journeymen or Masters. For example: bakers and vintners.

For those wanting to RP lectures/demonstrations for the Skilled Work, those positions fall under: Guards, Hunters, messengers, woodsmen, Headwoman (and assistant headwoman), etc.

The excursion to Landing is purely to give Candidates a chance to visit it (if they haven’t already, if they have well… it may not be so special but an excuse still to escape the Weyr for a bit!) and to learn a bit of Pern’s History from the archives there.

Above all else, HAVE FUN!