What Staff is All About

Our goal as a Fort Staff is to promote a fun, comfortable environment for people to play, and also to generate RP/TP ideas. Holding a Staff position in Fort also means you are part of an administrative team that:

  • overlooks welcoming new players and adding them to Fort Weyr’s knot
  • removing and/or overseeing transfers (with exceptions — which will be explained further below)
  • helping answer questions on the knot
  • making sure key information is kept as up to date as possible (this includes Fort’s Wiki!)
  • making sure rules for both knot and OOC chatter are not broken
  • resolving minor disputes
  • helping in organizing and/or approving TPs

We expect all our Staff members to be courteous and well mannered, understanding and to be team players in all respects.

Staff Duties


One of the main things we watch out for as a Staff is knot chatter. Remember, we like to keep our knot rated PG/PG-13. Overtly sexual themes and comments are not tolerated. We do have minors playing here, and need to be mindful of that. Plus, many players just aren’t comfortable with a high level of adult theme chatter. We’d also like to discourage political debates and disparaging remarks about other areas/games (as those tend to be divisive). Fort’s knot should be used to seek out RP, and for friendly, open banter. As a member of Staff, if you see someone (or a few someones) spamming the knot with a private conversation, don’t hesitate to page them and ask them to take their conversation to pages. Likewise, if someone is being inappropriate, page them (we try not to publicly criticize folks on the knot) and remind them that our knot is PG-13 and to please tone it down.


=fow/staff - This is our staff knot. We can also use Google Docs in cases where security (and not maving!) is very important.
+help borgcomm admin - This is where the knot code is listed. If you’re not comfortable with knot code, don’t worry, just @mail the rest of Staff with what needs to be done and someone else will do it.

If someone requests to join the Fort knot, add them and @mail staff letting us know there is a new person. Exceptions are gold rider transfers, which must first be discussed by all of Staff. If you’re not certain about adding a person (they have a reputation or you don’t think they’d be good for our area), tell them you’ll discuss it with the rest of Staff and get back to them.

If someone requests to be removed from the knot, please ask them to @mail Inri and Th'ero with their reasons for leaving our area. Remove them and wish them well. Then @mail all of Staff letting us know.

Staff Rules

There are a few guidelines and rules we would like all of our Staff members to follow. These are important to remember and some, if broken, can result in being removed from staff.

Currently all Staff are required to do a minimum of one public RP scene a month for activity requirements, as well as to meet activecheck (activecheck fow). We allow some leeway with these requirements — please just @mail Inri ad Th'ero if you're not going to be online or are struggling to find RP for the multitudes of reasons (primarily timezones) that could cause this.

Staff relies heavily on communication between @mails and Fort/Staff Knot discussions. A player who is often inactive will be swiftly ‘out of the loop’ and in order for things to progress smoothly, it’s best if Staff maintain a decent online time. We’re not asking for you to be logged in 24/7, but even a quick check and reply to @mails will often suffice.

Some decisions will require all Staff members to voice their opinion and vote. Other, smaller matters can be decided with a majority. No one staff member can grant permission for any TPs or other decisions.

All Staff discussions are strictly confidential: no discussions shared via @mail between Staff members or on the Fort/Staff knot may be shared with other players. This includes RLSOs, roommates and friends. We put a lot of trust in our Staff members and while it’s rare we have anything beyond a transfer request or a TP idea brewing, it’s all considered confidential and should not be shared. Wizards are on a need-to-know basis, and if they request information we will share it with them.

The one exception to this rule is if another PC area needs to be made aware of a situation (i.e. it’s a Cross-Weyr TP or a problematic player or situation that ties our areas together). In these cases, Inri and Th’ero will be making the initial contact with the rest of Fort Staff often @cc’ed into the discussions.

Staff is expected to remain neutral in all situations and not to take sides, no matter the personal connections they may have to the players involved. Log everything. It is extremely helpful to have actual records to go back to, instead of relying on memory — and sometimes things can be interpreted differently than intended so having input from others may help clear up misunderstandings. Unedited logs are preferred, so there is less chance someone will claim the log has been modified.

Theme Info

Just a few things that Staff should keep in mind while considering potential TP/RP ideas:

Staffers should read and be familiar with +fowhelp.

There has been no Thread for hundreds of Turns.

Fort does have a few computers, but has chosen to be a more traditional weyr and has not fully embraced much of the technology Pern now has to offer. Because of this, technology is more hidden and not as easily accessible. Glows are still used in many areas instead of electric lighting.

Fort maintains good relationship with most of the cotholds, but many like to keep to themselves. Fort trades for many things, but it has enough farmed land and herds to maintain the weyr. There is not much excess. Fort often trades with other areas for goods, particularly fruits and vegetables during the winter months. Dragons and riders will often hunt outside of the weyr, for their own food and for human consumption.

Fort purchased an island in the middle of Drake’s Lake many Turns ago and it is considered “Fort” territory. It’s mostly beastholds and extra farm land, maintained by a few holders. It serves as a backup.It can be visited ICly, but often visitors have to have a valid reason for going.

And as always, when in doubt, just ask!

Dragonrider Promotion Policies

Dragonrider rank, unlike non-rider ranking, is related to the time that a character has been a rider rather than the age of that character.

For Wingsecond and Trainee AWLM roles, dragons must be at least 3 turns old. For Wingleader, AWLM and Weyrsecond, dragons must be at least 5 — these ages represent the minimum amount of experience required to be able to hold the requisite ranks.

As Weyrleader and Weyrwoman can be determined by mating flights, IC realism for promotion does not come into play.