The dust settles slowly from the downfall of Gold Hill, the Weyr having resumed it's usual routines while the Holds stepped in to take over the incident involving the minor hold. There is no mistaking the undercurrent of tension though, the whispered words and gossip that runs rampant. The Weyrleaders and Weyr Staff have had their hands full, most gone for hours (and in some cases days) before being spotted again. Where are they going? What's being planned? No word trickles in, save for news that there are meetings between Holds and Harper Hall, the Weyr sometimes called upon. But why? No one knows, as no official report has been completed. Then there is the cases of all the refugees, currently crowding Peyton Hold. Will they return to Gold Hill Hold? Will there /be/ a Gold Hill Hold after all of this? One question surfaces more often than others as the days drift by: what happened to Lord Unvar and the heir Unevyr? What of the Lady Lleynn and the daughter Llunva? Several rumors surface of that, most so outrageous that they cannot be true … or could they be?