Just as autumn begins to turn to winter, Fort Weyr finally saw one matter laid to rest. Kayeth rose early one dawn morning, drawing quite the crowd of suitors. Notably, Zhirazoth and Mr’az were both absent and remained absent until almost a whole day after the flight had ended. What wasn’t a surprise was that it was Velokraeth who snared Kayeth in the end and settled the issue of Weyrleader once and for all and to the relief of many. Not that Ha’ze had done a terrible job as an interim-Weyrleader, much to the surprise of a few!

Iaverulth’s eggs continue to harden and the gold remains just as possessive over them and grows increasingly colder towards the Candidates or anyone coming to visit them. It often takes a fair bit of coaxing to get her to relax enough, though her rider doesn’t seem too concerned to push the matter. Many are hoping those eggs Hatch soon, preferably before Kayeth needs the Sands… Everyone knows the two golds barely tolerate each other and sharing the grounds may not be, well, advisable.

What capped an otherwise uneventful day as the Weyr slowly recovered from Kayeth’s flight was a fire that broke out in one of the weyrs near evening, just as the temperatures began to drop for the night. Not just any weyr either — the Weyrleader’s weyr! Response was swift, but the damage is done. Question is, was it an accident or some sort of vindictive gesture?