For the most part, Inri has been quietly assuming the role of Acting Weyrwoman — and it's had her more quiet in general, too, with no trips to the bars kicking back or any sightings engaged in athletic pursuits. Anyone who's spoken to her won't find a change in her personality, but she is definitely much lower on free time.

But everything in life changes, and about a sevenday or so after the passing of Talica, Inri started to put the word out. Members of the cothold group of Phoenix Wing started to go out to the Holds and return with women of various ages. It seems that the one thing the goldrider is comfortable doing while she has the Acting Senior's knot, as opposd to being the real Senior, is find a Headwoman her way.

And her way seems to entail bringing someone in from outside - and specifically someone from a Hold, rather than entertaining obtaining candidates from another Weyr or even promoting from within. Were none of Fort's assistants up to the job, in Inri's perspective? Is she just trying to bring in a new crop of assistants? Considering Iaverulth or Xerosaeth may be the next to rise, are the other goldriders part of the interviews? Phoenix's riders either aren't talking or don't know, and considering there's no true answer in the gossip so much as raw supposition, it seems no one has decided to directly ask Inri.