It was a hot and dry summer day, the afternoon dragging on as the Weyr seemed to doze in the stifling heat. Calm and quiet did not last for much longer though as the watch dragon abruptly sent it shattering as it relayed the alarm from Peyton Hold and Fort Hold: Gold Hill Hold was under attack and Fort Weyr's Guards and Riders were needed for assistance!

Thunderbird mobilized swiftly, along with Pheonix and volunteers from Roc and Simurgh. Captain Breshir had his Guards join ranks with Thunderbird, while M'icha organized the Weyrlings to run transport and supply backup. Word has it though that some were sent into the thick of things, but surely that cannot be true?

In all the chaos, the Weyr was left tense and silent, word trickling back in pieces as the golds relayed what they could from the makeshift 'camp' set several miles away from Gold Hill Hold. As for the Hold itself, it was overwhelmed by the time Wingriders were able to bring in the Guards. Confrontation was immediate and swift, with Fort's Guards managing to gain the upper hand with the help of Peyton and Fort Hold Guards. Regardless, the toll of injured and dead was high, though many of the renegades surrendered. Injuries among the Guards were high as well, most minor but gossip has it that two Privates are seriously injured and recovering still in the Infirmary.

Then comes word that the Weyrleader was injured too, though not as severe as some originally believed. What really has folks talking is the young man that yielded himself to Inri, Abigail and the Harper-Spy Gershel. Later joined by D'ani, it is said that the man revealed himself to be Rayathess Stonehaven, older brother to Ezra — which would make him the surviving heir to the cothold. Can this be true? Many are doubtful. One thing is for certain, the young man is locked away somewhere in the Weyr where he cannot be disturbed and well under Guard.

In the meantime, Fort Weyr works on recovering from the Gold Hill conflict, though all Wingriders have been recalled from the Hold. All refugees have been sent to Peyton Hold for now, with the injured transported to Healer Hall. While the worst of the conflict is done, so much more remains and there is a grim undercurrent to much of the whispered gossip. What brought Gold Hill's fall and is it tied Laris? If so… does this mean he's back, hidden somewhere, in Fort's territory?