Ever since Rhenesath and Akleteyth's flight ended up with the dragons in the infirmary - and Rhenesath still unable to fly, months after the event - Thys has been seen… eating. All the time. Cakes. She loves cake. Why does she always have cake in the living caverns and being delivered up to her weyr? And pies. All the redfruit pies. So many of them.

… is it any wonder Jajenelja started making porcine noises at her in the living caverns the other day? Thys practically threw her slice of creamcake into her fellow goldrider's face… except she stuffed it into her own, instead, and stomped out in a mood. Some say there were even tears in her eyes, but Thys doesn't cry, does she?

What she does do though is gain weight, and Faranth, she's been piling it on in the last few months. All those sweet things must be working against the long staff training she's been seen doing by the lake!