It doesn't take long for the word to be traveling across the entire Weyr — shortly after breakfast, Steward Lycander was found dead in front of his office. Or, more properly, witnessed collapsing and dying in front of his office by a cadre of laundry workers.

Lycander was older, either in his late seventies or early eighties (no one was entirely sure), but as this is Fort, the fact that he simply fell over and died is currently being treated as suspicious, with beleaguered Weyrhealer Mirinda (a general practitioner) tasked to do an autopsy and informal inquiry.

As for the Steward's duties, the knot has fallen to capable and well-respected second in command Zhirayr … who, already in his thirties, had been waiting quite some time for his predecessor to step down and hand over the reins. And he is seen in the infirmary a lot, where he has access to all manner of materials that could cause such a collapse. Whether that is coincidental or something more sinister remains to be seen.