The Inquisition Has Arrived

The clutch of Zuvaleyuth and Zeruth have been hardening on the sands, minding their own business and not bothering a soul. Concerns had been growing as their expected hatching time came and went that something may be wrong with them, but with neither parent fussing or particularly willing to let dragonhealers come fuss with their eggs, all the Weyr could do was wait. Eventually though they did have to hatch and it hit like a storm. The lot took the sands by force, the hatching fast and frantic - though one hatchling had the gaul to actually yawn like he was interrupted. At the end of it all, there were a few scratched candidates but in the end no worse for wear. So Fort welcomed 12 new weyrlings with a bit of info for your NPCing pleasure:

  • Morrgan and Soul Of An Old God green Urthemrieth out of the Forbidden Wilderness Egg (beautiful but arrogant pair, very unfriendly)
  • Mabri and Loyal To The End brown Fereldreth out of the Warpaint Egg (stumpy wher-ish proportions, but smart and faithful)
  • O'gen and Drunkard With An Axe brown Orzarrath out of the Big Stone Egg (loud, brash, and reckless)
  • F'en and Bound In White Chains blue Teventreth out of the Little Wolf Egg (brooding and aggressive, rather aloof)
  • A'tair and Swooping Is Bad bronze Duncannath out of the Battlefields of Fire Egg (seems rather foolish and prone to jokes, but secretly self-conscious
  • Merrilyn and Shards Of Glass green Eluvianth out of the White Hart Egg (small, nervous, terribly naive and prone to mistakes)
  • Z'ran and Assassin Of The Heart blue Antivath out of the Black As A Crow Egg (oh so suave, sneaky, and self-assured)
  • V'rric and All Part Of The Story bronze Birancath out of the Golden Arrow Egg (confident and a smooth talker, ego second only to a silver-tongue. Rather small for a bronze.)
  • Wyenne and Wizened Old Healer green Cirlacath out of the Secrets Of Magic Egg (very maternal and matronly, keeps the others in line)
  • Leilia and Ballad Of The Ages green Orliansath out of the Masquerade Ball Egg (clever and loves a song or story, tends to know more than they let on)
  • Shayle and Does It Find This Amusing brown Cadath out of the Winged Vermin Egg (big for a brown, solid and gruff. Enjoys sarcasm.)
  • S'en and First Of The Vanguard bronze Qunruth out of the Caged Giant Egg (largest of the clutch, stoic and says little, oddly short headknobs)
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