Have you noticed anything small go missing lately? Little things, like spools of thread, toys, a glove, maybe even something sparkly like a bracelet, or a ring? From the way folks are talking, either there's a serious case of contagious absentmindedness going around, or there's a little thief in the Weyr.

… or is there? A box has appeared in the living caverns, with a note acompanying it: 'Please check here if you're missing something lately, and accept my apologies if what's lost is found within. For valuables, please leave a description inside and it will be returned to you.' Rumour has it that goldrider Thys set it up - some folks saw her do it, some say they've seen her adding little bits and pieces to it now and again, or taking out the little notes. Some have even had a ring or a bangle returned to them by Fort's youngest junior… but surely she can't be the one pinching things, right?