It started with a few complaints reaching not only the Headwoman's ears but the Weyrleader's as well. The bathing caverns reeked — of essential oils. ALL of them! Looks like the weyrbrats got into the stores and decided to subject a few of the pools to an overpowering concotion of scents. Everything from floral, to citrus to woodsy… you name it and… well your bath likely smells like it. Which leaves some grumbling about having to find alternatives ways to wash up and others just cautious of which pool they select.

The scents will fade in time as the water cycles out naturally, but the Headwoman and her assistants are on the hunt to find who is responsible. Rumor has it that the Weyrleader went to investigate himself after hearing about it and was joined by Abigail and Thys on the scene. Further gossip says that Th'ero wound up in one of said contaminated pools and that anyone with a sense of wit about them should NOT mention why he smells strongly of flowers… or mention the situation at all.