There is word going around, not just among the usual gossipers either, that something is stirring. Something that has the Weyr Leadership tense and even the Wingleaders and a few Wingriders looking grim, along with the Guard Captain. What could have them so on edge? Is a gold about to rise — Zuvaleyuth is due, isn't she? But that would not explain the depth of the tension.

Not to mention the confusing rumors that two travellers were seen coming into the Weyr at an odd hour, asking to speak directly to the Weyrleaders when greeted by the Headwoman. Something about a discovery… and some object they had. Whatever the news or whatever the item, it seems to have sparked the change — or so some folk mutter and whisper to others. Especially when one tidbit of gossip says that there have been visits to Harper Hall by the Weyrleaders or their counterparts. What could that mean?

All this and just shortly after word — actual word, there is no rumor there — that the doubled patrols and extended sweeps that had been ongoing for almost over a Turn now have ceased or been cut back. Guard patrols have been halved as well and not as many shifts between them and Fort Wingriders were exchanged between Xanadu Weyr.

That has some folk uneasy, but others seem to just shrug it off. Rumor is rumor and gossip is gossip. Could be some high strung individual is just looking to stir the weyrfolk up into a frenzy of paranoia. But there is work to be done as the summer months wane on and most are content to enjoy it while it lasts.