Fort Weyr is quiet. But for how long?

Mr'az and Th'ero both have returned from their exile, both ex-Weyrleaders keeping to themselves for the most part. Th'ero has returned to his previous duties, while Mr'az has been reassigned… to Haast. So far he's taken to his new position with no protest (but who is to say the Haast Wingriders aren't grumbling?).

Jajen's gold Iaverulth grew ever heavier with eggs and under the full moons on night she took to the Sands and clutched a small clutch. Possibly Fort's smallest yet but the pale gold is thrilled and proud all the same. She is possessive of her eggs, as is the sire, Kainaesyth. Rumour has it a story may appease him, but it'll take more to convince his equally as wary rider Ha'ze. Woe be to that Candidate group — egg touchings are going to be a delight.

Of course things never stay peaceful for long. Many eyes are turning to Nyalle and Kayeth now, as the fiery gold has begun to look just a stitch brighter. If she rises, she'll be sharing the Sands with Iaverulth. Surely NOTHING can go wrong with that? Though many are hoping to settle the issue of who-is Weyrleader once and for all (with proper Tradition, of course!).