Due to an unfortunate series of misunderstandings, Fort Weyr is currently undergoing a unexpected salt shortage, as the short order wasn't discovered until nearly three weeks after it was placed.

Those working near the weyrsecond and junior weyrwomen's offices at the time may have heard Assistant Steward Zhirayr speaking, ah, harshly at Junior Weyrwoman Inri (and at the top of his lungs) on the subject, but they have since been hard at work to resolve the issue and restore the Weyr's salt supplies.

In the meantime, unfortunately, there's very little salt to go around. Food tastes bland; the bars are flat-out not serving margaritas at all; and basically all the fish and meat that's been preserved in the last week or so has been smoked instead of salted.

In much happier news, of course, the pair of them managed to locate an alternate salt source, and so things should be resolved within a few more days at the most.

(If anyone asks Zhirayr personally, though, it was all Inri's fault from the get-go.)