The summer season has just begun and while the previous months have been relatively quiet for the most part, it seems as though things are overdue for a change… or so some have become prone to muttering. Why else then, was Xanadu's Senior Weyrwoman and the new Weyrleader seen visiting not so long ago? It was said that the meeting lasted for several hours, though seemed to come to amicable ends. Not long after the departure of the Xanadu Leadership did Fort's own Weyrwoman and Weyrleader make a brief appearance. The gossip there is just as vague: Th'ero only lingered long enough to speak a few words with Dtirae, with Kimmila at his side (that is no suprise, it seems) before he left with the bluerider back to his weyr and the Weyrwoman to her own.

Could the news be good then? Or is this just the beginning of the same routine that happened over a Turn ago? Some scoff, saying there is no worry and that it's merely a sign that relations remain good and favorable between Xanadu and Fort Weyr despite a recent change in Leadership for the more southern Weyr. Others however aren't so certain… But with no real news to go by, folks assume as they will and go about their work. Time will tell, as it always does.