The recent change in morale and atmosphere after the recent news and change in Leadership had only just begun to settle and most of the rumor mongering dying with it…

… then it picked up again.

First, there was the wild wher attack outside of the Weyr in the forests. Local hunters and workers are baffled as to what brought it on, as the creatures are not known to venture that close to habited areas (let alone one full of dragons). The victim isn't saying much… mostly because he can't. While he hasn't died from his wounds, he's not in the shape to be questioned — yet.

Second, reports have come in that Fort Hold has lost some of the last harvests, after they'd already been packed and stored. No further word yet on who is to blame or if it's merely a natural stroke of pure Bad Luck. No word either on how or IF this will affect the Weyr in anyway, though Phoenix riders are keeping an ear open for any grumblings among the smaller holdings who may have had to rely on those goods for the winter trades.

And last and most grim (but perhaps not as surprising), Fort Weyr's long standing Headwoman Talica passed away in her sleep. Having held the position longer than most can remember, she was greatly mourned by many from all ranks and backgrounds.