Ever since the near decade long time of strife and uncertainty, Fort Weyr has seen a long “golden” stretch of Turns. A time of quiet and peace, along with stability that most crave and it went on so long that even the most hardened of doubters eventually relented. Maybe all this quiet wasn’t so bad after all?

No, it was just biding its time.

Ever since the gathering up at the Yokohama, there’d been a low whispering among the true gossips of the Weyr. Nyalle had reportedly been unwell then, but it was a time of season that illnesses weren’t uncommon. The Weyrleader seemed concerned, as did the rest of the administrative staff, but when the Weyrwoman seemingly recovered, all was apparently well.

Until it wasn’t.

Nyalle’s declining health eventually became too much to hide. Rumours abound as to the cause, but the largest (and likely true) is complications due to a difficult pregnancy. It all came to a head one autumn night, that saw a change in Leadership come morning.

Officially, Nyalle stepped back from her role as Fort’s Senior Weyrwoman and it was Inri who took up the mantle of acting Senior Weyrwoman. Something that, according to more gossip, infuriated the troublemaker junior, Jajen.

All will be settled, of course, once one of the golds make their claim by rising first. It’s just a matter of time (and some bets, no doubt), to see if it will be Kouzevelth, Iaverulth or even the newest Xerosaeth. Undoubtedly, there will be trouble with Jajen to come, but for now?

Peace holds by a tentative thread.