Not everyone escaped unscathed from Rhenesath's sudden flight right after the Hatching of Kayeth's eggs. Some aren't entirely surprised that the Weyrleader is part of some rumours circulating about. But rumours concerning him and Thunderbird's Wingleader? So far the story says that Th'ero and Ashwin were seen heading out with the mass exodus of riders to the feeding grounds. Only… they never turned up. Rinxyth and Velokraeth chased, but both their riders were suspiciously absent. Another rumour weaves to this one that both of them had to be rescued by a maintenance crew at some point, in a location of the Weyr that keeps changing depending on who shares their version of the gossip.

So what is the truth, then? Because some can confirm that they saw both of them rapidly going their separate ways sometime after the flight. Some sources say Kiena (Ashwin's known, part time, weyrmate and Th'ero's sister) left the Weyr immediately after too.

There's one thing all are in agreement though?

Best not to pry either of them for information.