First there were two.

Then there were three.

And suddenly, there were four riders - and if rumour has it right, even one Candidate - getting far too handsy with each other by Fort's lake on a recent summer afternoon.

At least the Candidate wasn't seen emerging from Thys' weyr at some point during the wee hours, but the rumours all seem to agree that it was Wingleader Ashwin and the Weyrleader's sister, Kiena, who were seen sneaking out first. A'ster emerged with the goldrider herself in the morning, who fawned over the brownrider all through breakfast in the living caverns.

Faranth only knows what scandalous goings-on the four were involved in, but one thing's for sure: Rhenesath is close to rising, and Fort's golds - save for Kayeth of course - have left the Weyr.