With the seasons in the Fort region having reached the cusp between Spring and Summer, the timing could not have been better for a Gather. A coastal and sea side one, as Fort Sea Hold was selected as the host. Word has it that the eastern Hold has already drawn a fair amount of visitors even prior to the opening ceremonies. With several trade caravans, a market of Craft stalls, as well as livestock penned for auction on the westward side, there is bound to be plenty for any visitor to indulge in. Let’s not forget the food, the music and the many cliffside boardwalks and the beach and harbor below the Hold for even more entertainment.

The night of the opening ceremonies is already being gossiped about, many saying how Lord Taves and Lady Isama were gracious and welcoming hosts, that the food and drink were plenty and the dancing after the opening speech going on late into the night and long after the two moons had risen. Some say there was a good number of Fortian riders there and weyrfolk, even the Weyrlings (now Senior in rank) made an appearance. The Weyrleader as well, along with his noteably pregnant weyrmate. There is one bit of gossip too that says neither of them, bronzerider or bluerider, can dance to save their hides. Surely that’s just rumor though, right?

But that was only opening night! As dawn rises over Fort Sea Hold, the Gather continues as even more visitors and guests arrive by various means of transportation. The stalls are opened once more and there is talk as well that the Traders will be offering some wares as well. Not to mention the auctions! Runners and herdbeasts. Perhaps even a hint that there will be a race of some of the lighter, faster ships down in the harbor. There seems to be no limit to the festivities and it certainly has brought a rather relaxed and joyous atmosphere to the Hold and likewise to those participating. It is a welcomed distraction for certain, after a prolonged winter!