Sharp eyes have spotted Thys in the nursery. Sure, there's the little toddler in there that she's been seen bonding with when not pawning her off on candidates, but it's certainly not common to see the child-averse rider in there.

Even sharper eyes have seen her leading gentlemen riders up to her weyr more frequently than usual.

The sharpest of eyes swear the goldrider was seen in a compromising position with a certain blonde in a lower caverns broom cupboard.

It may just be caverns gossip, but the more knowledgeable folks around the Weyr have started watching Rhenesath closely… even though the homely gold isn't even remotely showing signs of rising. Not yet, anyway. Ask Thys about it and she'll just shrug softly, smirk, change the topic… and disappear abruptly mid-conversation with 'something to do' as an excuse, only to be seen reappearing later, somewhere around the Weyr, with one of her favourite brownriders.