A tricky thing about gossip and rumors is that more often than not, they're wrong. At best, the truth is slightly skewed. So as the Spring months slowly turn over to Summer and the weather gradually (almost too sluggishly for some) begins to warm and the last of the snow and ice vanish, folk are finding more and more reason to be outdoors and, if possible, for travel. Save for the deluge of spring-time rain and storms, most of the trails leading in and out of Fort Weyr are passable, if at worst muddy or water logged. But those days are fewer now and what better timing than word to come in that there is, indeed, a Gather to be had.

Not a large one, as many had suspected Fort Hold to be the host for this Turn's spring festivities. No, it would seem the gossip proved to be slightly off and it is in fact the smaller neighbour to the east: Fort Sea Hold. Nestled right at the coastline, the Hold has already begun to prepare for any number of guests and word has it that there will plenty enough in the way of entertainment, as well as food. Throw in easy access and the Gather is bound to to draw in all sorts of visitors and many within the Weyr are already making plans. Roc Wingriders will be available for transport for those seeking a quick way to travel to the seaside Hold, though it is readily accessible by runner, caravan, ship or even foot (for those daring enough to spend days slogging through the countryside). The Weyrlings, now most knotted to Senior rank, are also set on duties to patrol those passageways along with Thunderbird Wingriders, when not slated for straight-flight transport. Come the day of the Gather though, all are invited to attend!