Nothing like a day starting off with a showdown in the northeast bowl! Which is exactly what happened on one particular summer day. A meeting gone poorly had Mr’az raving and finally enough was said and one rider, Wingleader Abigail, was pushed too far. Some say it was a long overdue punch to the head, but it kickstarted the rest of the scenario: Mr’az, deemed unfit, was removed as Weyrleader. This in turn made Ha’ze step up from Weyrsecond to acting-Weyrleader.

And Ha’ze’s first orders? To ground Abigail for three hours (odd, really), exile Mr’az south for a sevenday (completely expected) and… exile Th’ero with him (not expected)!

So what’s next? Faranth only knows. Some may already be betting to see how long before Ha’ze screws up or when Kayeth will next rise and who will be (un)lucky enough to claim Weyrleader.