Heart of the Lake

On a chilly spring day, two very large dragons — brown Niumdreoth and bronze Sharuth — decided to test their mettle with a little lakeside cannonball action. As riders Abigail and So'l watched, the dragons plunged into the frigid waters with style, sending huge waves radiating out to turgidly splash the shores. That wasn't all that came ashore, however. As the riders were joined by K'drozen, Borodin, and Th'ero for some shoreline camaraderie, something /else/ washed up, too. An old box filled with smaller boxes, all sealed with wax to protect their inner treasures from almost 60 turns of submersion at the bottom of the lake. Clearly the dragons' watery antics had freed the box from whatever had been anchoring it down below. And etched onto the box's surface? A heart shape with the initials "KL+PLO" mysteriously scratched within.

Though there were initial qualms about violating the privacy of the box's owners, it was ultimately decided to open the box for purposes of identifying who it might belong to. Inside were dazzling jeweled earrings, various knick knacks, pieces of old clothing, and over 30 unopened letters, all addressed to "PLO" and signed "My love always, KL." The box and its contents were moved to Th'ero's office for safekeeping and a quest to find "KL" and "PLO" has begun, should either still live. Though almost 60 turns have passed since the box was thrown into the lake, it's certainly possible that one or both may still be around. Thus notices have been posted about the lost box in hopes that someone will come forward to either help identify "KL" and "PLO" or claim the box themselves.

Discussion around the weyr has become flurried about this mysterious box as a result. Rumors abound as people speculate who KL and PLO might be. Were they both from Fort? Or just one? Was KL the woman or was it PLO? Or were they /both/ women? The letters — viewable only to weyr leadership, for the sake of the individuals' privacy — don't seem to give firm clues, so it seems word of mouth will have to help solve this particular puzzle. And as the rumor mill continues cranking away, other people have begun diving deep into the lake, hoping to find even more sunken treasures down there. Who knows what else has been tossed into those waters over the turns…

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