It would seem that the Spring months are heralding more changes and not just to the newest Weyrlings to grace the barracks! No, the Weyrleader is at it again and once more he is working through the Wings. It started with a brief meeting in his office with Yhri, brown Cikitsakath's rider and most infamous for her stepping up into interim-Wingleader position when Roc first fell into disgrace. Having worked with the Wing and onward through it's morphing to Haast, it would seem now that Yhri is officially Wingleader of the Wing! No more doubt or uncertainty, Th'ero made it known to all before dinner that very day.

Now there is a change among Thunderbird Wing too! Nishka, brown Azath's rider has been Wingleader for Turns and would have been for many more to come if Azath hadn't suffered a crippling wing injury on a call to the coastline off of Southern Boll Hold. Rather than see her Wing struggle, Nishka made a difficult decision to step down while Azath recovered. The lucky rider to take on the knot? Brown Niumdreoth's rider, Abigail, was given the Wingleader's knot by Th'ero and Kimmila in the Shenanigan's Lounge and the brownrider accepted.

Are more changes to come for Fort Weyr? Good ones? So far, most are in agreement that it seems the Weyr's luck has changed for the better and it's about time!