Things are not looking good. But that’s been the case in Fort for well over a Turn now. Now it’s just becoming painfully obvious and no longer so easily ignored.

Something — or someone, rather — finally pushed Mr’az too far. In a rather heated meeting, the Weyrleader striped long-time Weyrsecond D’ani of his rank. Reasons behind this are being kept hushed, with only rumors about someone being caught snooping about with records, but it has left many soured. Has Mr’az finally crossed the line?

The only thing that saved that meeting from becoming even more disastrous was Nyalle’s sense of timing. The Weyrwoman reportedly went into labor but both she and her newborn daughter are doing well and recovering in the Infirmary. At least it provides a welcomed distraction too for the Weyrleader, with his focus now on them rather than others.

So who is to be the next Weyrsecond? Will Mr’az choose among those loyal to him or someone of equal experience to D’ani? And if that wasn’t enough turmoil… a certain pale gold is beginning to subtly glow. Apparently Fort has at last felt comfortable enough for Iaverulth and she is wasting little time to claim the currently empty sands as her own. Will she rise first or will one of Fort’s established juniors beat her to the punch?