Where were you when it happened? You know what I'm talking about. Where were you in Fort when the power grid was suddenly taken out by Leimnaistic actions (Rulayn is questionably a culprit as well, questionable damage to her head possibly being the work of one outraged Doktah, one blame-avoiding Leia, or one particularly vicious bubbly). Sygni, Vossrik, Leimna, Doktah and Rulayn (face down, but breathing) could all be found in the Living Caverns when (some after) it did, stranded (by choice) in the darkness as the weyr plunged into chaos and people came face-to-face with their never-left fear of things that go bump in the night. Hushed laughter, maniacal cackling, toddlers enjoying the show entirely too much - all things you never want to hear when the lights are out. Hopefully somebody figures out how to get the power back on soon - somebody has a big turnday.

Corresponding log: Leimna cuts Fort's power, and other stories.