It was a very windy early spring day when the humming began. Velokraeth and Kayeth's clutch of fourteen eggs were finally Hatching! Weyrfolk and riders, along with an influx of visitors all swarmed to the Galleries and the Candidates were all ushered out in timely fashion. The eggs rocked, shells cracked and in the end there were fourteen new weyrling pairs:

Zoo in the Cookie Bag with Sprinkles Bronze Sevaketh and Ar’um
Double Stuff or Nothing Bronze Kivojith and S’reo
Red and White Striped Delight Bronze Knoveth and M’ata
To Dip in Your Coffee Bronze Vekovath and Is’io

Oh So Familiar and Delicious Cocoa Brown Koladovyth and C’ao
Traditional Pepparkakor Brown Zazvoroth and R’zek
Twistedly Tart Shortbread Brown Vresenth and Eselle

Sugar Coated Lemon Blue Ikoroth and Ceetra
Frosted Blood Orange Blue Koezrovth and Revni
Tea in your Cookies Blue Vilnath and C’ajo

Buttery Goodness in a Tin Green Kaehvinath and Isna
Sprinkled with Sparkly Sweetness Green Vaeryth and Et’ke
Try Some Lime Lights Green Liameth and Setla
Dipped in Icing Spearmint Green Kovimth and Dr’ava