The Weyrwoman is not the only one gobbled up by politics! Just before word was spread of her odd routines and schedule, there were other rumors circling about. Something about the continued difficulties emanating from Gold Hill Hold, though most claimed it was now more of a problem for Fort Hold to contain. There was no doubt though that there are still extra patrols being sent in that direction. And then there was that strange day when the Weyrlings, sent out in groups to various Holds for their first taste of political visits, were suddenly recalled and a rather furious looking Weyrleader storming across the northern bowl to the training complex to meet them. Rumors spinning from that say another attempt at improving crumbling relations with Gold Hill went awry … in a rather spectacular fashion and a certain bluerider was involved once more as well. No one is quite certain what was said, but a few did note that for a short few days there were three less Weyrlings going out on patrols or straight flight visits. And Th'ero has notably been absent too, seen mostly in the early morning hours out on his usual rounds before disappearing for most of the day, within or outside the Weyr.

Seems things are already beginning to heat up just as the seasons change to spring and the winter snows and ice finally begin to melt away. Do any of these rumors hold truth? Or with Dtirae's continued presence among the Holds keep things from escalating too far? Most folk can only assume, but many are simply focusing on the warmer days ahead. And on top of all this, word has trickled in that Fort Hold is considering hosting a small springtime Gather, open to all and including Fort Weyr. So surely things on a political scale must be good right, if the Hold is inviting the Weyr? Right?