With spring on its slow approach, the Weyr had been enjoying some early seasonal previews and not to the complaints of many of the residents and riders. However, it would prove disastrous for the neighbouring Fort Hold. The Turn's unusual weather with the heavier snow fall and rising and falling temperatures helped create the perfect conditions for a large avalanche in the mountain ranges where the Hold has stood for generations.

When the alarm went off that an avalanche was imminent, Fort Weyr sprung into action immediately with all Wings deploying riders to help with the evacuation efforts. It was said that even the Weyrleader was present, leaving the Weyr to be organized by the Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond, though strangely Velokraeth remained on the sands with Kayeth. Concerns grew as more evacuees were brought in and when news came that the avalanche had reached Fort Hold and buried parts of it, trapping victims inside. Among those trapped were Thunderbird Wingsecond Abigail, who was rescued by So'l and Th'ero. Rumor has it too that a seriously injured man with the brownrider was her father.

Despite the rescue efforts of Thunderbird Wingriders and Holders alike, there were casualties and the Hold did sustain minor damage. Fort Hold's Lord and Lady, as well as their family and bloodkin all survived and the Lord Holder currently has most of his people housed in the neighbouring Healer and Harper Halls, as well as Fort Sea Hold. Both Weyrleaders are busy with administrative affairs and clean up and repairs continue.

Will this serve to damage the Weyr's reputation further or help mend it? Already one old man was heard cursing the Weyr and laying blame on Kayeth's mating flight for the start of it all. But how could that be, with so much time spanned between the two events?