With the eggs now on the Sands and Search on for Candidates, there are other rumours and whispers being shared in the caverns. Aside from the usual mentions of how unusual the winter has been so far with far more snow then ever and milder temperatures, there is talk about the Weyrwoman drifting too. Talk of a rumoured pregnancy, which some say may explain the unusual and abrupt meeting between Nyalle and Weyrleader Th'ero in the centre bowl that saw the bronzerider leaving hastily to return to his weyr. Moments later, High Reachian bronzerider Mr'az and his bronze Zhirazoth were seen paying a visit to Nyalle's weyr. That stirred talk up too! Which bronzerider was it then, despite Nyalle's continued claims that Mr'az is "just a friend".

Th'ero and Kimmila were notably scarce as well, which lead to some interesting theories, none of which proved true. The truth was that Kimmila had fallen ill with the same cold that is steadily doing it's rounds of the Weyr populace and the Weyrleader saw to her care personally.

So what of Nyalle? The Weyrwoman appears to be her usual self and if any dare ask… would be disappointed to find out that she is not, in fact, pregnant at all. Maybe she had just been sick? How is the Weyrleader taking this news? It's hard to say, as Th'ero continues to be scarce, sticking to his usual duties and meetings but otherwise not being entirely social.

Is there trouble brewing? Or is the Weyrleader up to something? Something that sees him holed up in his office for hours on end and with many requests sent to the Archives and Harper Hall for old records and scrolls…