Sleet fell from the skies in great sheets, melting most of the unseasonably heavy snow that had fallen over the last sevendays and turning the bowls into a mire of frigid water, mud and slush. Yet that did not stop Kayeth from making her way to the Hatching Sands that morning, not long after all had finished their breakfast. She was joined by Weyrwoman Nyalle while digging out the first wallow and by the time the first egg was clutched, Velokraeth also came to join the fiery gold and after securing her permission to do so, aided in settling the clutch.

When all was said and done, Kayeth curled herself around a healthy clutch of 14 eggs, with Velokraeth settling on a ledge above the sands and looking rather smug and pleased as he watches over both his mate and the large clutch. Bets are already underway as to what colours the eggs will Hatch, but the timing of the eggs arriving couldn't have been better. It brings a bit of lighthearted news among the still uncertain issues regarding the Holds. Though tithes have tentatively resumed between Fort Weyr and Breakwater Hold, stores are still low and may remain that way until Spring. Yet some are taking heart that this is the beginning of the healing required for the Weyr's reputation to mend among the Holds and relations to strengthen again.