Kassala was just trying to innocently visit R'hra and some of the other weyrlings when Xerosaeth, who apparently had not chosen a weyr at Igen, started to look around Fort's empty queens weyrs instead. Rather than be annoyed or redirect her, gold Kouzevelth encouraged her to get settled in — and pushed Inri to do the same. Welll, Inri had always liked Kass, and when Nyalle turned up the opportunity was too good to be true: after consulting Kayeth, Fort's senior and seniorest junior had pretty much cajoled Kassala into requesting a transfer to Fort.

A letter was sent back to Igen with the recently graduated gold pair, and the Steward and Headwoman were directed to clean out that weyr for them to move into …

But really, it's all Xerosaeth's fault, right?

Log: No Pressure