Winter has settled over the Weyr and so has a new Turn begun but Fort is hardly in a celebratory mood. For once, the muttering isn’t about the snow and ice and cold but of a deeper issue — the current Weyrleader. Mr’az started off well but the pressure and continuing woes among the Holds and the complaints of past corruption have pushed him to extremes that no one saw coming. Many of the Holds, once in good terms with the Weyr, are now alienated. Word is drifting in that some of the weaker, struggling cotholds are suffering and minor and major Holds alike are having to absorb refugees of those families who were forced to leave. Worse yet is the talk of illnesses now too, one’s normally common in winters but made worse by cramped quarters or inadequate diets. The Weyr does what it can, but Mr’az has insisted on turning inwards and strictly rations how much of the Weyr’s resources go outwards, claiming (often angrily) that Fort needs to look out for itself.

It’s put strain on everyone and worse yet, the Wingriders and even the Wingleaders are becoming divided. Some still support Mr’az, others wish to see him removed but none can decide on who will succeed him. Will tradition favour and the Weyrsecond take the mantle of interim Weyrleader? Will Th’ero step in and challenge? Or will the dissatisfied riders push their own ‘candidate’ forward… and Faranth only knows WHO that would be!

And to add to it all, Mr’az has also undone the exile on those riders sent to Drake’s Lake: including the infamous goldrider Jajen. She and Iaverulth have returned, while Dtirae and gold Zuvaleyuth return to their post in the southern island. It was a bold move, a risky move and many are on edge, waiting for the worse. Fort’s current queens, Kayeth included, are grudgingly accepting the return — for now.

At least Kayeth’s eggs Hatched and produced fourteen healthy new Weyrlings with six greens, four blues, three browns and one bronze now settled in the barracks under M’icha and Am’ry’s watchful eyes.