Well, it's Fort. So one would always expect a snow day or twenty at the northern Weyr, but every now and then there's a bit more … serious snow. Blizzards happen, and some are worse than average.

Now, in mid month 2 of 2719, the snow is coming and it has not stopped coming. Along with the snow are wicked wind chills that lead to freezing, icing over and then more snow landing on top. It's bad out there. Try to avoid going outside …

… especially because in certain parts of the Weyr, you can't, as exits are blocked in certain directions. The entrance to the lower caverns is repeatedly being cleared out by grounds staff, so it's traversable, but sometimes a bit icy. And were you enjoying your power? Sorry about that too — the ice is causing issues with Fort's grid, and lights flicker on and off.

Those of you in higher-up private weyrs certainly aren't getting any electricity, so you'll have to be using public facilities for anything you might normally have done at home — like stay warm. Unless you want to make an igloo on your ledge, because that is certainly possible.