The flight was high and long, soaring out over the mountains above Fort Hold. Suitors came from all over Pern, but from the beginning it was clear there were two main contenders - Th'ero's Velokraeth, and Mr'az's Zhirazoth from High Reaches. Zhirazoth, many said, was a fine bronze and easily a second favorite to win, as he'd won Kayeth's last flight and it was pretty clear during the last few days that Nyalle and Mr'az were a bit of an item.

When the fiery, glowing gold finally kicked into the skies, the main contest was between Velokraeth and Zhirazoth. And it would have been Zhirazoth too, as he was Kayeth's choice, if it wasn't for a cunning (some would say reckless, others would say rude) move by Velokraeth, fouling the foreign bronze in unfamiliar air currents near the peaks, sending him down to the snow pack with a howl of outrage and defeat. Kayeth was also enraged that her chosen mate was fouled, but the weyr's choice was Velokraeth, and the new senior queen heeded that choice and twined with the misshapen, pale bronze, securing Th'ero another few turns as Weyrleader.

And how are the humans dealing with this new pairing? Nyalle slept in the infirmary in Mr'az's arms, and Th'ero returned to Kimmila in his weyr. Time will tell how they work together, but socially they are starting things off very awkwardly indeed. But those who know Th'ero aren't at all surprised by that.