It started with discontent among the dragons, particularly the bronzes and queens of the weyr. And then, word went out that the leadership had something to say. The masses gathered in the living caverns to hear Weyrleader Th'ero deliver the news. Dtirae had turned in her knot, stepping down as Senior. Then she and her queen left for Fort's island in Drake's Lake to help with the reclamation process, leaving Fort without a Senior. The speculation for her departure is varied and widespread, but no official word as to why was given during the brief meeting.

Afterwards, the crowds dispersed to talk and gossip, and the betting began. Who would be the /next/ Senior? The next gold to rise would claim that title for her rider, but who would it be? The young and unreliable Jajen? The stable and capable Inri? Or the brand new, painfully formal Nyalle? And, would that queen favor Velokraeth as Zuvaleyuth had before? Or would there be a new Senior /and/ a new Weyrleader?

Add this to the food shortages and poor hold relations, and Fort seems to be floundering this winter. Despite it all, the remaining leadership is putting on a brave front, making it a point to eat together in the Caverns every evening, presenting the weyr with a united leadership. But time will tell who will fill that empty chair.