Within a day of being introduced to Fort's new sands, Kouzevelth and Tovihasuth's clutch of fourteen took note of their surroundings and promptly hatched mid-day, producing four greens, five blues, three browns and two bronzes and making Fort's weyrling barracks the most crowded they've been since Kayeth's first Fortian clutch … with Rhenesath's eggs due to hatch before this group is out of junior weyrlinghood. M'icha is going to have a lovely turn.

Considering the present state of the galleries, the hatching was not open to public viewing and the audience was limited to those with explicit invitation: family members and close friends of candidates, Weyr leadership (both rider and non) and visiting dignitaries only. This has definitely bred some resentment across the Weyr, though whether it's directed at the arsonists or at Fort's leadership, Inri in particular, is as of yet unclear. Some are saying it should've been first come first serve, among many other suggested ways of handling the celebration after the disaster, regardless of whether or not they would've worked. Despite that social unrest, however, the hatching's celebratory luncheon was well attended by the majority of the Weyr and far more visitors from out of Fort.